A Free Modern RBL

utilising advanced IP reputation checks to detect spam

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90% of email in 2013 was SPAM

Google, Gmail Filtering report

We can help stop the SPAM

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In 2014, 1 in 566 websites was infected with malware

Symantec, Internet Security Threat Report 2015

Lets do somthing about it

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Who are we ?

We are a bunch of developers who hate receving junk email and have taken action against it


Our RBL is reputation based, meaning that we score each IP address in the world based on several factors.

We find that this is much more proactive compared to other RBL/DNSBL solutions out there who take a reactive response via methods such as spamtraps.

User Base

Since going public in early 2015, we have noticed many organisations start to use our RBL. Including several large ISP's and hosting providers


Our history is simple, not like our SPAM prevention, We started the RBL in 2014 as a private RBL for our own internal use. After we discovered that it had the potential to help others reduce spam, we decided to open it to the world.

How to use the RBL

The RBL base name is 'bad.psky.me'.

For Example, a lookup on

[email protected]:~$ dig +short
[email protected]:~$

The RBL conforms to RFC 5782


Currently, the RBL returns the following:

ResponseMeaningRecommended Action
NOERRORThe IP address is question is fine for sending mail.Accept the message IP address in question has been seen with a high rate of spam.Defer the message for later. IP address in question has been seen to have a very high rate of spam. Reject the message at SMTP submission.